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Our workshop is fully fitted to customise your four wheels (or two) whether it’s a complete rebuild, respray, full car wrap, computer upgrades, exhaust packages, or suspension modifications. We can help you turn your car into the envy of the street. We love cars and bikes, so much so, that when you bring in your car, or bike, or coffee machine we’ll take care of it as if it were our very own. 


What fun is a car that anyone can go and buy at any showroom? It may still drive well and be comfortable and functional, but until you add your own touch of flair, your own touch of individuality it’s not nearly as special - or as personal - as it could be. Maybe a change of colour or decals isn’t your style is a little too conspicuous, maybe you’re in need of a computer upgrade, or for your ride to sit a little lower, maybe you need it to sound a little louder. Customising your sportscar is easy, and rewarding; if you need to add some extra flair, speed, or agility come and see us to find out how to make your sportscar the envy of the street.

Custom Fab

We love classic cars because they’re unique. You can’t get them anymore. They bring up warm nostalgic feelings when we get behind the wheel, or smell the leather of the seats. While what we love most about classic cars is there exclusivity and uniqueness is also the biggest drawbacks of owning a piece of automotive history. When a panel is missing or damaged it can be nearly impossible to find a replacement, thankfully with decades of experience seamlessly replicating panels and parts for cars of all ages we will add the finishing touch your car (new or classic) in such a way that not a single admirer will know it's not original.

Vinyl Wrapping

Wrapping a car not only protects the original paintwork, but can also change the colour or finish to your car’s paintwork. With cutting edge procedures we can give you the excitement and energy of driving your car, with a fresh new look, for a fraction of the cost, time, and effort of a full respray, while still protecting the original paintwork underneath.


It could be your dad's old falcon, or your very first car, or the car you dreamed about when you were a kid. Sometimes the scenes we envision of us driving that special car down the street can seem so far away, but with the help of our experts you can restore your dream car into a reality.

Motorcycle Mods

Just like cars, motorcycles and their riders come in many sizes, shapes, and forms, and each with a unique desire to fulfil. Whether you’re a rider needs a bit more responsiveness and performance from their bike, or someone who’s restoring something a little more classic such as a head-turning showpiece we’ll fit the perfect upgrades, modifications, and alterations to not only have you turning heads on the street but also helping you and your motorcycle fit perfectly together.


Fitting a new set of wheels to your car is like putting a new pair of shoes on. It makes you feel complete, dressed up, and can change the entire look of what you’re are wearing. With the expertise, knowledge, and connections that date back nearly 50 years CCC are experts and finding and fitting the perfect set of wheels.