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While CCC has only been in operation since 2018, our expertise, our dedication, and even more importantly our passion has been around for decades. With a passion for cars, motorbikes, fabrication, and customising anything and everything - From Coffee Machines, and refrigerators to BMX bikes and muscle cars. For years we’ve helped 1000’s of South Aussies add their personal touch to their cars, trucks, and motorcycles, and now we’ve dedicated an entire workshop to our passion.

We paint just about everything. If it can be painted, we can (and will) paint it.

We get asked this question probably more often than any other. Each of our customisations is unique and personal, just like your car. Your personal needs and desires mean each job takes a different amount of time to complete. Give us a call to find out more.

While we try our very best to replace the damaged or broken pieces, fittings, and panels, if we can’t find original parts for your car we can make replicas so perfect that experts can’t tell the difference. With a background in crash repair, our metal fabrication processes are second to none. If we can’t source it, we’ll make it!

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